Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Featured Blogger: Consider The Lilies!

Congratulations to this week's Feature Blogger, Consider The Lilies!  This adorable California girl is also an Army wife, & also toughing out a deployment like I am doing!  Grr, we are made of steel, girl!!  :)  She writes about everything from her recent visit to San Francisco to her run in with more dryer lint than you've ever seen!  Yes, it's true!  So whether it's an emotional post, like the one about her husband leaving for deployment, or a crazy funny one, like the dryer lint, you'll love reading Consider The Lilies!  Thanks for everyone's participation in last week's Saturday Around The World!  Isn't it fun?!!

Three Reasons Why You Should Read Consider The Lilies!
  1. How cute is this couple?!  SO cute!  What's better than a blog about two people in love?!  ♥

  2. She takes fantastic pictures of the beautiful world around her, of her adorable fashion style, of her sweetheart, & of our incredible military!  She even has a separate blog just for her photography, Chestnut Tree!

  3. I'm such a sucker for a blog with a good layout, & this girl has got it!  Fresh, clean, easy on the eyes, full of personality!  Reading Consider The Lilies is so easy & entertaining that you'll find yourself reading through many many posts!
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