Sunday, January 16, 2011

Right This Second...

I found this cute little list over at Unruly Things, a blog I like to visit once in a while for pretty photos & neat ideas -- such as this one!  I thought I'd fill it in myself!  A neat & easy way to let you know a bit of what's going on here with me, other than what you knew already!  Feel free to add your own :)

I’m totally over:
My husband being gone
And my dogs freaking out on walks whenever we pass another dog.  Holy 275 pounds of freak-out!

I’m looking forward to:
Hawaii with my wonderful wonderful family next month!  We won't all be able to make it...just my parents & one of my sisters & me.  My other sister lives in Florida with her family & my amazing brother is in Grad School getting his MBA!  It'd be great if every one of us could be there together, but this will be fabulous nonetheless ♥

I'm listening to:
Nothing but the heavy breathing of my sleeping dogs. Ah, peaceful!  Our fifty-minute walk certainly wore them out!

I'm about to:
Make lunch & eat it while watching some TV...then, knitting & getting ready for afternoon Church.

I want:
Grass in my yard
Perfectly behaved little angels for dogs {they are most of the time}
June, so that my husband would be home

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