Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Tail

How awful it is that there can be such punishment for a happy tail-wagging dog! What I mean poor Layla has what's called "Happy Tail", or a wound at the end of the tail that occurs because it's hit the wall one too many times :(  Oh, she gets so excited when I come home or when we're getting ready to go on a walk.  Her tail wags & wags faster than a speeding bullet!  But now, I'm wishing it would slow down.  I thought for sure that this would heal, but then she'd get happy again & her tail would split once more :(  Off to the German Vet we went, where they bandaged her up & gave me antibiotics for her to take.  Apparently, her poor sweet tail is quite swollen & infected -- this happens easily with dogs with long tails.  I take her back in on Monday & I'm praying that there is significant improvement then.  Or else...they may have to do surgery to remove the wound :(

My poor sweet girl can't help but be happy!  A lot!  And I love her for it!  But for now, calmness is key.  And keeping the bandage on.  She chewed it off during the first night she had it, & we had to go back to the Vet.  Now, my little girl has to wear the beautiful Elizabethan Collar when we go to sleep.  It's too sad!  But I told her it will be more sad if she looses the cute white tip at the end of her tail!  :(  And to top it all off, when she has her fancy collar on, my 155 pound fraidy cat, Lucius, won't dare go near her!  Instead, he high-tails it to his kennel & stays there until I present Layla to him, cone-free.  What a houseful I have right now!
Say a little prayer for us, will you?!  ♥
And this week's Featured Blogger will be out tomorrow!  Thank you all for your participation in Saturday Around The World!  Isn't it fun?!!
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