Sunday, December 19, 2010

Insomnia - Caught My Eye

Can't sleep. Even took a bubble bath & listened to some of my favorite piano music, but still no good. I must be missing someone... Do you ever feel so lonely but only one certain person could take that lonliness away? You could be in a crowded room & still...lonely. But if they were beside you, holding your hand...ah, the world would be perfect again

Anyway, I'm officially having too much fun with my new Tumblr page! Here are some great pictures I've found lately! I really like how easy peasy it is to import pics into Tumblr & have them look perfect in your layout! Oooh, I wish it were that easy in Blogger!

Off I go to pour a little Port to sip on :)  We bought it in Portugal {but of course!} & it's so delicious!  Then, for some reading & hopefully sleep soon after that.  My doggies have been dreaming for hours already
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