Friday, December 17, 2010

In A Winter Fairytale

Except there's too much snow! Back at home in Colorado, the sun comes out after a snowstorm & melts it all away, leaving beautiful sunny days with clear roads! Aaah, the thought! But here in Deutschland, we never see Mr. Sun. He goes into hiding for the season & our snow, which falls down on us almost daily, piles up & leaves us with mountains of ice in our yards & on our streets. Lucius, my little social bug, has realized he can climb up & over the snow pile {my yard is apparently the community snow bin} to go visit any friends that happen to be out at the time. Needless to say, Lucius now gets taken out on a leash. I'm ready for Spring!

Thankfully, my doggies are pretty lazy & like to nap all day!  Aren't the cute?!  :)  I loved watching them play in the snow in the yard before the pile was too big.  They love it!  I'm dreaming of an American home with a yard in the back of the house & a tall fence for privacy!

My Mom flew back to beautiful Colorado yesterday, & I'll be following her here before long to go home for Christmas!  Can you believe it's so soon?!  We had such a wonderful time together, staying in where it's warm when the snow was madly falling & then going out to explore when the weather allowed for it!

Here's a picture of me at the Rothenburg Christkindlmarkt, & I'll post more soon!  Happy Holidays from my very snowy winter wonderland in Germany!  ♥  Pray that this snow somehow melts for me, would ya?!  :)

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