Friday, November 26, 2010

Does Your Dog Watch TV?!

Layla, my sweet Dane girl, couldn't take her eyes off the TV tonight while I watched The National Dog Show!  It was so cute!  And when the commercials came on, she'd look over to me or to Lucius...  But her attention immediately went back to the dogs when the show returned!  At one point, she even walked up to the TV to get a closer look!

From the big dogs...

To the little dogs...

She was hooked!

Have you ever caught your dog watching TV?  I wonder if they really know what they're paying attention to!  Either way, it sure was cute watching Layla watch TV!  Don said I should record the Dog Show next time & play it for her once in a while ;)

Happy Friday, Everyone!!  Have a lovely weekend!  ♥
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