Friday, October 8, 2010

An Unexpected Passenger

I never thought that one day I would have a cute little non-English speaking German Grandma in the passenger seat of my little green Mini Cooper, but that did indeed happen the other day!  I was driving out of our German neighborhood on a chilly rainy morning when I saw in the road ahead this little woman, waving at me!  At first, I thought, "Hmm, maybe she wants me to slow down," mind you I wasn't driving too fast!  Of course ;)  But even after my slowing, she continued to wave!  As I got closer to her, she slowly walked over to the car, so I rolled down my window.

Jumbled in between a slew of German sentences, I somehow made out that she wanted me to drive her to the town's grocery store!  Without a hesitation at all, she made her slow entrance into my car & off we went!  On & on she spoke to me in German, while all I could do was grin at her in reply!  She then said, "Sie sprechen nicht Deutsches?" {You do not speak German?}, which made me grin even bigger & tell her, "Nein!"  We both laughed & said goodbye {Tschuss!} as she got out of my Mini in the local grocery store parking lot.  As I drove away, watching her walk slowly into the store, I smiled & thought, "That was a first!"  It was a pretty cute way to start my rainy Autumn day!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope that your day is fabulous, a great start to the weekend!  Make sure to stop by tomorrow for our weekly Saturday Around The World blog party!  If you join in, you'll be entered for a chance to be my weekly featured blog!  ♥  Now, I'm off to cook some dinner {how cute is Audrey Hepburn in this photo?!  I won't look nearly as cute while I'm cooking!}, then knitting & watching Letters to Juliet.  I'm excited to see it!  Hooray for Netflix!
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