Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's 1 AM & this girl here has no desire to go crawl into bed alone. For one thing, how lonely!  And for another, I'm excited about something & so my mind is racing with ideas & dreams!  So, I've been perusing some of my favorite blogs & have found some photos that make me smile!  I hope they do the same for you!

Beautiful bedrooms!  What a dream it would be to crawl into that first bed!  I would feel like a Princess!  The colors in the second photo remind me a lot of my own bedroom, & oh the pink of the last bedroom is every girl's dream!  Photos from La Belle Vie.

My favorite flower, peonies.  Along with delicious treats from the kitchen!  I like the heart on the cupcake ♥  Photos from It's Mary Ruffle.

I really like these thoughts.  Handling a deployment seems so impossible when I think about it as a whole.  The months of separation, the fears, the loneliness...  But then I remember my God & the Peace & security He provides!  I remember my sweetheart & the love we share despite the distance between us!  And next year, this deployment will be over, & it won't seem so impossible anymore ♥  Something good is going to happen!  Photos from It's Mary Ruffle.

Fall. Family. Coziness.  Photos from It's Mary Ruffle & my dear at Scraps Of Color.

Layla is curled up into a little circle on her bed next to me, fast asleep.  Lucius has gone to his bed upstairs to dream.  My eyes are getting tired.  At 1:30 AM, this girl is ready for bed.  I hope you enjoyed the photos!  Goodnight from Germany!  ♥
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