Friday, October 29, 2010

Back From R&R, Ready For May!

Don & I had such a wonderful R&R together, a lovely two week break from his year long deployment in Afghanistan. We cherished every minute, spent every waking moment together, & prayed for God to slow down time for us.  I wish He could transport us to next May so that we could have all of this behind us...  Our two weeks together went by too fast, of course, but we made many wonderful memories!  We spent a lot of time here in Germany at our home, then took a nice warm trip to Portugal & Spain!

Saying goodbye late this morning at the airport was heartbreaking.  We have almost 5 months of this deployment behind us, 6 to 7 still ahead of us.  But we kept smiling, holding hands, wrapping our arms around each other...  Then crying, saying short prayers, & not wanting to let go.  I watched him go through the security line, blowing kisses whenever he looked back, my nose & eyes red from tears.  I drove home in a fog & have been that way pretty much ever since.  The house is just a building again, not a home.  Empty, quiet, no arms to hold me.  But I'm so thankful for each minute that we had & for the incredible relationship that we share!  This deployment is a team effort, & we are sticking together like glue!  We've got this, baby.  And the next time you come home, you won't be going anywhere for a while!!!  :)

I miss him like crazy already, & I certainly am not looking forward to crawling into bed alone.  But I'll keep my cell phone right by the bed, & I'll pray until I'm calm enough to sleep.  And I may even let Layla & Lucius up to snuggle with me :)  I miss you, sweetheart.

I'll get back to my regular posting tomorrow with another Saturday Around The World!  And I'll feature two blogs this week, one from tomorrow's blog party & the other from the last that we had while I was out!

Hope that you all have been doing great!  ♥
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