Monday, September 13, 2010

Q & A: Our College Days of Long Distance Dating

So, there's a section of my blog called Ask Me Anything!, & I got my first question today!  The question is from Che over at Guileless Living By Day.  Thanks so much for the question, girl!  This is a fun way to be inspired for my daily post!  Che asked:
"What was it like dating long distance? And how long was it before you guys got engaged? Maybe you already blogged about it and can refer me to those posts! I just saw how you wrote about seeing each other once a month, so I was wondering how long that lasted before you both decided to take the leap of faith and get married :)"
Good question! And a topic I like remembering!  So let's go, first with some catch-up facts.
  1. Don & I met in 6th Grade.  *cue the ooh's & aah's!*  I always thought he was such a great guy, & not bad to look at either ;)
  2. We went to separate high schools in the same town, starting up our friendship again when we each had our High School Graduation parties.  It didn't take long for me to see that it would be a dream to date him!  And lucky lucky me, now he is my husband!
  3. Off I went to Stillwater, OK & he to West Point, NY.  I was busy, he was busier, but one email turned into many phone calls, then a Ball at a fancy hotel that Christmas.  The next thing I knew, we were practically inseparable.  Er, except for the fact that we were in colleges hundreds of miles apart.

Lots of people told me what you always hear about long distance relationships: They never work.  But that is just a lie.  If you are with the right person {which I was!  And AM!}, then it doesn't matter if you're sitting beside each other every day or you only see each other once a month.  Or once a year, for that matter!  {Case in point right here!}

We've always trusted each other.  There's never been bickering or arguing.  We didn't even have to make a point of talking daily...because it's what we wanted.  It wasn't easy being apart, & my goodness it wasn't easy saying goodbye after those short weekend visits, but I knew I would give up everything just to be with him.  If this was the way God planned it, then by golly, I wasn't going to complain!

At the time, I remember thinking that it was practice.  If we were to get married, we'd be doing much more of the long distance thing, & I knew it.  So back then in college, God was showing us that we could do it.  He was teaching us how!  And that He would help us through.

At West Point, where Don went to college, the students aren't allowed to be married while receiving their education.  So, we knew that getting married was a definite, but Don didn't propose until  April of our Junior yearsI wasn't worried; I knew it was going to happen.  :)  Then, two weeks after his graduation, we became Mr. & Mrs.!

So there ya go, Che!  I hope that answers your questions!  And for those of you who are considering dating a guy long distance, take it from me that it can be done!  And it hasIf you're with the right person, no distance is too great.
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