Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Already? Time To Be Together

Happy Friday, everyone!  I can't believe how quickly this week went by, or how quickly the last two months have gone by for that matter!  Wow!

Anyway, I stayed busy this week making three trips to Post to go to the gym & quite a few trips to some neighboring towns to run errands.  I got more training treats for L & L at a German pet store nearby called Fressnapf, went to the Home Depot of Germany {called OBI, pronounced "oh-buy"} for orchid potting mix {time to re-pot!}, over-the-door coat hangers {the doors here are different, so my American ones kept the doors from shutting}, some Forsythia for a centerpiece {which I was hoping was actually Pussy Willow, but no luck!  I need to take a translator with me next time!  Pictured to the right in the center of the photo is Forsythia, gorgeous & yellow!}, a new "Herzlich Willkommen!" door sign, & even a Coffee Plant!  Yes, it was a good week!

Anyway, after another trip to Post for a workout & lunch with Don this afternoon, I'm back at home doing odds & ends here, like the orchid re-potting & cooking dinner.  Don't worry, I'm washing my hands between those two!  I'm trying a new recipe for dinner: Slow-Roasted Beef Brisket with Apple Cider-Ginger Barbeque Sauce & Caramelized Sweet Onions!  What a mouth full!  It's from a cookbook that I got from my Mom for Christmas called "The Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook".  If only I had a cast iron skillet...  But I'm making due!  Mmm, the house is going to smell so good!

Our weather here has been gorgeous lately, reaching almost into the 50's!  Our gigantic snow pile in the backyard is slowly {but surely!} sinking as the sun melts it along with the rest of the snow back there.  I'm so happy about this!  But not so happy that it is revealing quite the muddy mess!  Spring, are you here yet?  I need to plant grass seed!

The doggies are asleep at my feet, dinner is already smelling delicious, & I'm still in my gym clothes....  I'd better get cleaned up before Don comes home!  We're looking forward to a nice & relaxing weekend together.  Don has to do quite a bit of field training soon & will be gone for a while, which neither of us are looking forward to.  But it's "training" for me also.....  Army Wives out there, you know what I mean!

Happy Friday!!

Forsythia Photo Courtesy of A Garden for the House, where the author describes how to "force" blooming.  I followed the instructions & will let you know how it goes!