Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Lovely Traveling & Visits!

Well, I took Don's parents to the Nurnberg train station this morning where they caught a train to Frankfurt, & I came back to an awfully quiet house (other than Layla, of course!).  Our two week visit together went by so quickly!  It was wonderful to travel together, to relax together, & just to have them here in our new home!  We had a great time!

I took a lot of pictures while we traveled, & I have
put them on Facebook already, so I'm going to post the link to the photo album instead of uploading all of the photos again.  *fingers crossed*  I hope that it works!

Go here to see our Salzburg, Lake Como, Garmisch, & Switzerland photos!
 Let me know if this works for you!

In other news, our Mini Cooper S is arriving this week!  Well, to be more specific, it arrived today, but until the car is registered, etc. we cannot pick it up.  So, needless to say, we are going to take care of paperwork asap!  Can't wait to drive our new car!!
Hope that all is very well with everyone!  ♥