Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crazy Music That Germans Love! Had To Share...

So, German radio is quite interesting.  They play a TON of what we listen to in the States, mixed with an interesting variety of old American music ranging from the 50's to the 80's (they LOVE the 80's!), & more.  But then.....then, there is the music I've never heard of that they love here.  These songs I'm posting are on the radio all the time & they crack me up!  But sadly...I hear them so often that now I'm beginning to sing along!  Ah!  See what you think!

Jungle Drum by Emiliana Torrini

Stadt by Cassandra Steen, featuring Adel Tawil
(I actually like this song!)

We're Golden by Mika
(This is ridiculous!  On the radio ALL THE TIME!)

And the classic...
Hooked on a Feeling by David Hasselhoff!!
(This explains German music videos perfectly!!)

Ah!  I can't find the one song that I really wanted to post!  I will keep looking.  But this is just a glimpse into what we hear around here other than American music!  Interesting, huh?!