Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Run-In With Boots!

Yesterday morning, after putting Layla in the yard for a bit, I noticed that she was strangely sniffing around the bottom of our tree.  Then, sniffing up the trunk of the tree.  How weird, I though.  So I headed into the yard myself to take a peek, & look what I found...


...or I guess I should say, look who I found!  Boots!  Up in our tree!  No wonder Layla was curious.  But she never barked!  She just looked & looked, sniffed & sniffed.  Finally, I brought her into the house to see if Boots would climb down.  Sure enough, once the coast was clear he jumped right out of the tree & slowly meandered out of our yard.  I let Layla out for a bit of excitement, & Boots sped up :)

But even after an afternoon of playing in the yard with her new toy (Thanks, Mom Irwin!), Layla was still on the lookout!  That pesky cat!